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Ring size guide

How do I find my ring size?

This is a question I am often asked and that is why I have developed this simple ring size guide so that you can easily find the right ring size.

In Denmark, your ring size is the circumference around your finger in mm. That is, if your finger is 53 mm, you must use size 53.

Ring size

Method 1 - measure existing ring:

Above is an illustration of ring sizes. If you would like to measure your ring size from home, you can download and print this print yourself PDF.

    1. Find a round ring that fits you perfectly in size.
    2. Run it over the circles until the edge of the circle lines up perfectly with the inside of the ring.
    3. Finally, read your ring size.

* Remember to ensure that the print guide itself is displayed in the correct size by checking that the measurement on the ruler is exactly 5 cm.

*See how to use the guide in this ring size video.

Things to consider:

There are several parameters you should be aware of when you need to find your ring size. It is important that you measure your fingers in a normal room temperature, as your fingers can increase or decrease in size in connection with heat or cold.

It is also important to consider the width of the ring, as you typically go up a half to a full size if it is a wider ring.

Remember that the fingers of your dominant hand tend to be larger than the fingers of your non-dominant hand.