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Quality and Care

Pihl Bang produces high quality jewellery. This means that everything is made in 925 sterling silver and that gilding is always done with 24 carat gold. The caveat is that gilding and oxidation is a surface treatment and will therefore wear off over time. As all the jewelery is also handmade, they will vary a little in appearance, which makes each one unique.

Jewelery in solid gold is handmade, as a special order.

Jewelery care
In order to preserve the beautiful appearance of the jewelry for as long as possible, there are some small things you can do. Store the jewelery in a jewelery box or a closed box when you are not wearing it. Air enters and oxidises the surface of the jewelery and over time they will therefore look dull (This can however be polished away). At the same time, the surface treatment on jewelery lasts longer if it is not exposed to water.