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Silver jewelry

Discover my selection of unique silver jewellery, all of which are inspired by nature and its organic forms.

Real silver jewellery

All silver jewelery is designed and handmade by Freja Pihl Bang in her own goldsmith's workshop in 925 sterling silver. This can be seen by the two stamps "925" and "Pihl", which you will find on the back or inside the jewellery. The stamps are your guarantee that the jewelery has been produced in accordance with Danish legislation and meets the standards of the precious metals inspection.

What is the difference between silver and white gold?

To the untrained eye, it can be hard to tell the difference between silver and white gold. At the same time, it can be difficult to discern the difference in price, quality and durability. When you have to choose the right metal for your next piece of jewelry, there are therefore several things that you should consider.

Why buy silver jewellery?

Silver jewelry is a popular choice due to its beautiful color, versatility and affordability. The cool tones of the metal also make the silver jewelery fine and simple in their expression.

Why buy jewelery in white gold?

Overall, white gold is rarer, more valuable and far more expensive than silver.
White gold consists of a combination of gold, silver and palladium. The primary component in white gold is pure gold, but to achieve the white color, other metals such as palladium and silver are added.
Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that can withstand everyday use for many years to come, such as engagement or wedding rings, I would highly recommend going with solid gold or white gold. These precious metals are significantly stronger than sterling silver, which makes them more resistant to wear and scratches.

How do I clean silver jewellery?

Has your silver jewelery become dark, old and worn looking?
When silver is exposed to air, moisture and chemicals such as creams etc. it will gradually form a thin oxidized coating that makes the piece dark and boring to look at. To prevent or minimize oxidation of your silver jewellery, it may therefore be a good idea to store the jewelery in an airtight container or jewelery box.

If the oxidation has already taken place, you can easily clean my silver jewelery with silver cleaner. I myself use this Silver Clean 170 ml from Hagerty, which can be bought in Matas. This jewelry cleaner provides immediate results and effectively cleans the oxidized silver jewelry, making it shiny and fine again.