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The lotus flower grows in shallow and muddy water.

It has a long thick stalk that carries its bud up through the darkness to the surface of the water, where it bursts forth in unsurpassed beauty.
It opens and spreads its slender tongue-shaped petals in the morning to the sun (enlightenment, insight and light) and closes them in the evening at darkness (reflection and protection).

Lotus has the meaning of the small light in the darkness – about hope, fighting spirit and never giving up, no matter how great the opposition is – about the journey through life's crises to important realizations. The lotus flower is a symbol of unlimited potential. It stands for renewal, transformation and new beginnings.

You will always have the fine symbolism and appearance of the flower with you when you wear one of the jewelery from the Lotus collection.

The collection is handmade in combination with the latest technologies in the field.